YBKMM Beneficiaries 谁已受惠?

For this year, The Power Of Love Charitable Night 2013 are in the aid of YBKMM’s Charitable activities and organization as per listed below;

通过《爱の动力》慈善年度晚会所筹募的款项,除了成就本基金会的爱心慈善活动及内部行政操作费用,也将惠及以下慈善团体(提供现金赞助或邀请参与晚宴聚餐) :-

1.PersatuanInsan Istimewa Cheras Selangor 乐善儿童残障福利中心
2.House of Joy 喜乐之家
3.Persatuan Rumah Amal Murni Kajang 慈怀残障之家
4.Ampang Old Folks Home 安邦老人院
5.National Kidney Foundation of Malaysia (NKF) 马来西亚肾脏基金会
6.Malaysia Association for the Blind 马来西亚盲人协会
7.SRJK(C) Tai Thung, Salak Selatan, KL 吉隆坡沙叻秀大同华小
8.Pusat Jagaan Warga Tua St. Judes Home             
9.inthamani Divine Life Ashram Saravanan Home

Special Awards 2013 特别荣誉奖

Education Contribution Awards 教育精神奉献奖 Mr. Goh Cheng Leong 吴清良校长

Mr. GOH CHENG LEONG now 59-year-old was born in Perak. Has serviced & dedicated his life for education for 37 years. He experienced as Teachers, Principles, Officer at Department of Education and also become inspector represent State Education Department. He had achieved outstanding extracurricular activities by winning many sessions Selangor Schools Sports Excellence Award. He also actively involved & served in professional organizations such as Malaysian Teachers Association, Selangor State Teachers Association President & The Vice-Chancellor Selangor. Currently he is the principal of SRJ (C) Yuk Chai. TheSelangor Department of Education had awarded four times the Distinguished Service Award to him, which is rare in the education sector. He was honored and bestowed as PPN by Supreme Head Of His Highness and also honored as PPC in PJK by Sultan Selangor for his outstanding performance and contribution toward education. As a dedicated principal in education he actively develop the school so that all the students equally development in academic and extra-curricular activities. His efforts for education and dedication are worthy of recognition and praise with the award of “Education Contribution Award” by YBKMM!