Love Journey Pinology Launching



Date : 8th September 2012 | Time : 6.30pm
Venue : SJK(C) Yuk Chai, Petaling Jaya

In conjunction with the continued efforts to encourage the community to be more socially conscious and helpful towards those less fortunate through “Pinology” that calls upon collective effort of everyone towards the completion of a gigantic charity pin artwork made of 6 million over pushpins with love.

The official launch cum Premiere of ‘Love Journey ~ Pinology’ Charity Variety Show, another fundraiser for local charities be held by YayasanBaktiKhidmatMasyarakat Malaysia, A Public Charity Services Foundation of Malaysia. The love-filled charity variety show “Love’s Journey ~ Pinology” unites a fantastic mix of talent and culture from across the borough and will encompass a number of variety acts, including amazing performances includes face changing, Chinese acrobatics, music in dance-drama that depicts local unique cultural heritage “Memoirs of Nyonya”, and magic show.


为了把《真心针艺》一枚针一份爱一点一滴献爱心的全民为善之精神火把传承下去,马来西亚慈善基金会再一次迈开慈善的脚步,主办《真心针艺‘爱的奉献’之旅》大型综艺巡回义演即将爱心登场,节目富含三个思想 --爱,综合文化和1个马来西亚和谐,难上北下展开综艺巡回慈善义演,首影将于9月8日在八打灵育才华小引爆。基金会通过该慈善活动将文化,艺术元素融入慈善,打造雅俗共享的爱心,文化视觉盛宴的同时,引导国人向善并加深他们对本土文化的了解。

Objective 活动宗旨

  1. Deliver the message of “Pinology” ~ 1Pin 1 Love 1 Hope to instill the idea of charity into everyone’s heart.
  2. To string the love towards the completion of a gigantic Pinology charity pin art work made of 6 million over pushpin.
  3. Promote our unique cultural heritage – The Birth of Baba Nyonya, a culture that embodies the idea of cultural diversity in unity.
  4. Promote nation-building that would consolidate the 1Malaysia concept in developing a peaceful, vibrant and multicultural country.
  • 传递真心针艺一枚针一份爱的奉献精神,呼吁各族同胞为慈善不分你我,凝聚一点一滴的力量,把爱的火传递给身边需要关怀的弱势群体。
  • 把百万人民的爱心串联起来散播在空前巨型慈善大头针艺品。
  • 推广我国独特文化遗产-峇峇娘惹文化
  • 提倡国人不分种族和谐相处,贯彻包容,爱及和平的精神。