The Power Of Love 爱心表扬慈晚宴

The Power Of Love CSR Appreciation Charity Night
爱的动力, 爱心表扬慈晚宴

- Recognize the contribution of corporates and individuals thru YBKMM
- Further enhance the ties with the communities throughout our country.
- Raise fund for charitable causes and training programmes within educational and community settings.
- To share the happiness in form of moral support besides financial support with the less fortunate community.
- Encourages social awareness, and giving to those who are less fortunate.

- 表扬长久以来为慈善付出辛劳的企业或热心人士
- 维系互助团结的爱
- 增强基金会与社会大众的互动性
- 以善扬善,倡导人们奉献出爱心和关爱,汇聚每一处小善,
- 为慈善辅助活动和爱心教育性活动筹款