Power Of Love 2013

爱の动力慈善晚宴 2013

Date 日期  

2 November 2013

Venue 地点 SJK(C) Chung Kwo Jalan Loke Yew, 55200 Kuala Lumpur
Objective 目标

Mid Autumn Festival reunion charity to share joyous moment with the less fortunate. 与弱势群体共庆中秋及推广一家和乐大爱

YBKMM’s premier annual dinner infused with priceless harmony, warmth, love, hope, happiness, gratitude and multiculturalism had created a powerful awareness to the public by inviting and celebrate with the very meaningful special occasion with the 250 paxs of less fortunate to care and take part in each other joys and happiness by jointly have the dinner together with the sponsor’s and donors to build the unity of needy with the other well to be nation. The wonderful of this occasion is to recognize individual donors or corporate sponsors generous support toward YBKMM charitable works.

This 2013 YBKMM Charitable Night Dinner held on 2nd November 2013 in conjunction with Deepavali Festival to recognize and celebrate the Light Festival of Joy and Freedom f Hindualism with the needy nation to remark in their heart with happiness, harmony, completeness and integrity.


Event’s Objective
1. To encourage and create more awareness to the nation to get involved in philanthropy& Charitable giving and bloomed the seeds of LOVE to the needy nation.

2.  To deliver a message of Unity, Peace and Harmony to bring people from all religions and backgrounds together to celebrate each other’s traditions and cultures.

3.  To recognize and honor the continuous supporters for their relentless contribution to charity.

4.  To further enhance the ties with the community or nation to raise fund for YBKMM’s charity initiatives.