Pinology Funding

Pinology Fundraising Project
《真心针艺》全民爱心筹款活动 只要人人都给出一份爱,世界将会变成更加美好!
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Pinology Charity Fundraising is a meaningful project that integrates culture and arts into charity by using an ordinary object – Push Pin. This magnificent art weight 1000kg and measures 1,025,649 sq.cm2.  It comprises of 48 individual piecies of 21,367 cm2 per piece and requires and 6,333,600 push pin to fulfill. Through Pinology, we hope to intensify the effort to preserve and develop the intangible cultural heritage that belongs to Malaysians and also promote its beauty and uniqueness throughout the world. This meaningful Pinology project will be recorded in Guinness World Records and Malaysia Book of Records as the longest and largest ‘Push Pin’ mosaic in the world. Through this Pinology project, we will also strive to raise fund for charity causes. Hence, we will implement a key concept-“ RM 1.00, 1 pin, 1 Love” for this project, whereby each RM 1.00 of donation will contribute to each pin towards the completion of the entire art piece. This is where we will gather and pin all the love from everyone who has participated and contributed to its success and that will reach out to those in need regardless of age, race, nationality, religion and creed.

Through Pinology, YBKMM strives to piece every bit of love from all the people with helping hearts together in A World Largest & Longest Charity Pin Art to demonstrate The Power Of Unity & Love.

《真心针艺》是一项全民爱心筹款活动,广专属于马来西亚的文化遗产如峇峇娘惹文化,甘榜风情,璀璨印度文化,卡达山民族情节等,此次作品主题为《峇峇娘惹缘,国人之光》并串联成一副面积1,025,649 平方厘米,重达1000公斤的巨型针艺品。通过《真心针艺》的“一枚针”,“一份爱” 为《星星知我心学习赞助金》筹款,提供清寒的小朋友,青少年以及孤儿学习上和经济上的帮助,并希望大众可以献出一份爱心支持这项活动,和我们一起参与完成一副慈善针艺品,拍卖后作慈善之用,而且这幅慈善针艺品将会是充满百万人的爱心的世界最大,最长并展现我们马来西亚独特文化的慈善作品。

Helping Hearts Through United Hands