CSR 1%

1% CSR Campaign
1% 企业社会责任

To encourage corporation or individuals to pratice social responsibility by contributing 1 percent of their annual income / profit in a year to support YBKMM charity activities and expand the influence.

以“百分之一的奉献,百分之百的改变”为宗旨, 倡导社会个人或大小企业把不低于年收入/年利润/时间的百分之一作为慈善用途,一同为构建和谐社会持续贡献一份力量,支持马来西亚慈善基金会之稳固成长及扩大影响力。

About 1% Social Responsibility Campaign

Fund is the most needed in the area of development of the above programs and One Percent SR Campaign (1%SR) is for any organization and company who are eager to seek a reliable partner to improve their SR. Of course, this is also for individuals who like to participate in a society program that is self regulated.

In brief, 1% CSR means any Company, Organization and Individual can become YBKMM Voluntary Member by contributing 1% of their annual total income to participate in our series of voluntary programs. Of course, they can contribute any amount at their comfort level and 1% SR is merely a concept.

Basically, any interested entity can take part 1% SR via:

- Corporate Membership applicable to Company, Organization, Association, etc.
- Individual Membership – Any Individual. Members can make their contributions electronically via credit cards or ATM at their convenience.
- Special Occasions – corporate and individual members can contribute 1% of the total collection or any amount at their comfort level during occasions like Company Annual Dinner, Carnival, Wedding Dinner, Dowry, Birthday, Full Moon and any memorable Celebrations.

SR Appreciation Charity Night would be held annually to compliment those who have made their certain level of charitable contribution towards charity at the same time share the happiness with the less fortunate community.