Youth Camp



Youth camp is organise by Malaysia's charitable foundation. The main purpose of this three days two nights camp is to let youth know themselves better about their adolescent self-perception. As we realise many youth have problems distinguish between things that matter eventhough they have learns many things since they were kids. Some of them are afraid to express their thoughts and feelings or scared beeing scold after so. As for result, they rather keep their thoughs, respect the rules given by others, sacrifice themselves to get the so-called love. In act, when they face unhappiness or problems, they can't relieve of which the entanglement, can't diffrenshade the true or wrong, how to deal with emotional self pouring, don't treasure themselves and how to re-act the true fact. This course include some games, NLP coaching, the moral philosophy of education to help the youths to learn. I believe with our careful care and love, our camp (Return to nature, live our tnjeself) will make your youths transform to be a better people, know themselves better, tressure their life by doing the right, and respect their toughts.