Mission & Vision 使命与愿景


Mission YBKMM 我们的使命

- To promote, encourage and instill in all Malaysians of different ethnic background, to exercise and demonstrate the POWER OF LOVING and the POWER OF CARING especially for others who are less fortunate.

- To reach out to anyone in need in terms of financial, education and regardless of age, race, nationality, religion and creed.

Vision YBKMM 我们的愿景

To be a reputable, respected and most importantly a transparent charitable organization that reaches out to all Malaysian and the world with LOVE.
成为马来西亚慈善界最有威望、最受尊重、最透明化之慈善机构,整合资源及人脉操作慈善活动,以达到你好我好世界好的三赢理念,同时把 爱 散播到世界的各个角落。