President Speech 主席献词


YBKMM began in 17th July 2000 with dedicated management who encompassed great vision and personal dedication to the future of the less fortunate especially children and teenagers wellbeing. Our main goal that has always been to provide education assistance to children who’ve been caught in downward circles as we believe that education has the power to transform children’s life and better generation, now and for generations to come grows stronger. Our goal to achieve the core objective started when our team official take over YBKMM on 1st March 2010 and still would go on without endless.

Malaysia is a wonderland with fantastic people, we are blessed to be living is such a wonderful country free from war and bloodshed, whereby people from different backgrounds, religions and way of life could live together harmoniously, yet there are less fortunate people around us that were taken for granted, we’re lucky compare to them, just grateful and work together to help those are in need. We will fulfill our vision and complete our mission by adhering to our core values ----- Love and unity.

YayasanBaktiKhidmatMasyarakat Malaysia is grateful to its any supporters and would like to take this opportunity to reorganize some of the corporate partners and individual supporters that have made so many of the YBKMM’s programs possible. To all of you who make this possible, we express our deepest gratitude. We’ve achieved so much in the time we’ve been here and experienced a lot. We would also like to express our deepest gratitude to all contributors, supporters, donors and guests who with their generosity and support make our charitable event possible.







Dato’ Chua Lei Tong JP